Not too many people know about the planet Vulcan or how to figure its position in a astrological chart. That alone is reason enough to make this book available online. The other frankly is that online sources that I have found concerning this book are woefully incomplete. Here then is made available to you the complete text of the book “Vulcan The Intra-Mercurial Planet” by Carl W. Stahl.

I have scanned the entire original copy of the book that I have and made it available in three forms:

The first is a zip file that contains all of the original scans as JPEG images, its size is 91 MB. You can download it by right clicking here.

Th second is a zip file containing one HTML files with image files for the front cover, inside front cover image, and image files of the various tables. This second file was converted to text from scans using OCR technology. I have made every effort to correct the invariable mistakes this technology imparts but I am sure some things where missed. I also intend at some future date to convert the image files of the various tables to HTML format but it may be some time before I can get to that as my plate is full with task. You can download the HTML zip file by right clicking here.

The third way is the online version that I have which is exactly as the HTML zip package just that it is in PHP format on my server. Please enjoy Vulcan The Intra-Mercurial Planet.