The Prius 7 classes are designed to introduce the student into spagyrics, and help prepare them for advanced spagyric and alchemical class work. In this class the student is lead step by step in the actual production of their Prius 7 extracts. The student is taught how to use these extracts within the paradigm of Alchemical Gnosis™, and given various methods to begin the work of inner purification and energy adjustment.


This class actually changed my life! John is a really dedicated teacher who is also making a real commitment to you as a student. Which is rare to find anywhere at all today, much less in the esoteric subjects. This alone is worth the price of the course. I've tried a number of mostly unsupervised occult training programs before and always found roadblock after roadblock, but why? Because I didn't have someone more advanced to help me during the trouble spots and John will do just that! But you get so much more, he's a really good spirited fellow and he always comes across as personal and human. Something often lacking from many people claiming to teach subjects like this, who sit behind a veil that says "guru," and offer only riddles when questioned. You just won't find that with John, every question I've ever asked him or my fellow students have asked have been met with deep, relevant, and thoughtful answers that went well beyond the simplistic questions and really illuminated the subject for me.

I've had a number of highs and lows during this class and I'm glad for every one of them. I am convinced that if you earnestly do the work you will see amazing results too. This is because John really emphasizes work in the inner AND outer lab; its truly a complete alchemical system. I've even noticed that some of the things I learned about myself later in the course actually cause people I'm in contact with to like me more and even be rejuvenated by my presence when I'm feeling really good. Don't think I'm some great adept because I say that, I am not and this course alone will probably not make you one either, but it will show you through your own experience that it's possible to get there and that you can do it! Little by little you will see those glimpses of freedom in your own life and you will just know that its working.

This work has called a number of synchronicities into my life and at times it actually seemed like I was floating through a dream; but not in some air-head way, stumbling drunkenly through life. In those dreamy moments its been like working as a co-creator with the Universe, consciously, intentionally working to manifest something truly beautiful in my own life but the best part has been knowing that I can see the effects of my own work reflected in the people I love most! That's not to say this work has been without difficulty, but John has been there to point me in the right direction every step of the way. And that being said, I have had so many wonderful experiences I couldn't begin to list them here. In fact I'm hesitant to because I know that if you do this work, you will have your own set of wonderful experiences that only you can manifest(!) and I don't want to contaminate them by offering you an expectation based on my specific experiences. Just know this; do the work and it will happen.

I've had a great time with the seemingly simple work of the Prius 7 material. I was all sorts of giddy making my tinctures and shaking the jars everyday. And the meditations have become a regular part of my day that I look forward to. In fact at this point missing a meditation would make my whole day seem off. I've also developed a bond with my fellow classmates and I now have a group of friends I can call on in the future; truly, this is invaluable. The connection with them has also powerfully illustrated to me that the results of this work I've noticed in my own life are also manifesting in theirs and that is encouraging to see! This whole program is so much fun that it really hasn't seemed much like work at all! But it is, there is a real work going on here and it will produce fruit in your life if you just let it. Frater Travis. W. Prius 7 Class - USA

Prius 7 serves as a foundational course (in a series of courses) offered by John H. Reid III of . . . One eventually comes to realize that within the pages of books, manuals, and workshops, there's only so much knowledge to be had. And the real occult insights come about from the in-between learnings none of the three other methods essentially provide. Prius 7 provides that window into this beautiful alchemical tradition because of the genuine interactive platform this course is based on.

It is in vogue today, it seems, that some practitioners of the Art, sell, teach and promote recipes and knowledge without having the reliable hand of time-tested experience. Prius 7 is not of this breed - luckily so for us. Frater K.K. and Soror K.H Prius 7 Class - Canada

This is the real deal. I can't even express to you in words what this class has done for me how John has helped me to begin within the Alchemical Path. I feel as if I have found my long lost home. I could recount more than a few phenomena that would peak your interest and curiosity, but most of the things that have happened to me during this class are so intensely and wonderfully personal that I will refrain from sharing. Let me emphasize again, fellow aspiring neophytes, this is the real deal. Reunion. Initiation. Revelation. Terror. Freedom. Power. Wisdom. Transmutation. Humility. Fire. Humor. Luminance. Peace. And these words are but the mundane coagulations of the true personal experience which I cannot share with you. Words cannot express it. I can only hope that if you have sought for the truth, the Master, the Stone if you're on that cusp of beginning like I was when I stumbled upon John Reid that you realize that in finding John Reid III, you have found a rare opportunity to learn from the mouth of one who can show you the path to the Temple, because he has walked it. All that remains now is for you to walk it, deeper and deeper into yourself deeper and deeper into places and chambers you can not now even fathom, but you will.

What do I know? A young neophyte, barely having traveled at all in this incarnation. Perhaps you already know more than I. I am but a freshly christened vessel who has barely begun to sail out into the vast, broad, deep, and infinite waters of this fiery art/science. Well, all I know, little as it may be, is that this class has changed my life internally, externally, and with most certainty, Alchemically. THIS IS THE REAL DEAL. Beyond anything and everything you could have ever read about Alchemy. I could have written a trite, flashy review of this "class", but true seekers need to know just how deeply it can affect them really, how deeply and truly you can affect yourself. And so, all I can say is: Begin. John will pick you up where Nature has left you. He holds keys to an immaterial Circulatum which will separate you and purify you. He holds keys to the fire which will digest you, reconcile you, and exalt you. He helps you realize one of the greatest secrets in the practical lab, and inside yourself: you hold these keys as well. Inside, I know this, and in the lab, I am sure he will show us more and more that this is true. Frater N.B Prius 7 Class - USA

John Reid's approach to alchemy is unique nowadays. It is not only about a refined technique, coming from very experienced hands. When I learned that I would have to start with the Prius 7 work I was filled with a "boring" aspect of "starting everything again", and investing money on very basic issues. But soon I noticed that your dedication, the fruits of your work, and specially the emphasis on connecting inner and outer (lab) work. The class called us to a deep relationship between the operator and the matter, the inside and the outside. The paradox of inner growth as a requisite for, and a product of laboratory work. is really what I was looking for many years since I started lab alchemy in 2007. My personal feeling is that your investment creates a bond between teacher and student that is not common nowadays in alchemy circles, that is trust between teacher and student with frequent meetings, your commitment to closely follow the student evolution is remarkable. A real teacher. and the way you approach things are the way I believe. - Frater E.A. - Student of Prius 7 Class - Brazil

I would like to say that the Prius Seven course has permitted me to fix a foundation in alchemy, a basis in the subjective and objective art of spagyrics. John Reid's course is complete as it works in developing our inner understanding simultaneously with the outer laboratory work on the herbs. John showed his in depth experience by answering all questions authoritatively. - Frater L.B. Student of Prius 7 Class - Canada

I really want you to know and even all people who have anything to do with Spagyric or Alchemy to know that John is a true master and a Great teacher. The Course about the Introduction to Alchemy and preparing the Spagyrics extracts had been great, it was divine experience to work according to moon cycles, experiences of dreams, and color healing. Thanks for all your teaching about Alchemy and Life John. - Soror Dr. Achala Student Prius 7 Class India

For those that wish to move into a deeper level of awareness in the art of Spagyria, this class more than meets expectations. John H. Reid III provided priceless instructions in Art. We were familiar to a degree with the process of making the tinctures. While waiting to take your class, we had filled the cupboards with weird liquids, and the cabinets began to fill with the strange mixed aroma of numerous essential oils. The distiller was more than broken in, and I had acquired a kiln at the start of class. What we were not familiar with, was the intimacy that your process brought to us, in our connection with our herbs and tinctures. The first batch that we made earlier, was basic in every definition of the term. There was a distance, something was removed, even though we sweated over making them. Your instruction taught us to slow down, the world was not created overnight. The beauty of the Earth is from the patience of evolution. With your class, you passed so much on to Jennifer and I. Your advice on calcination, was and is, invaluable to such a degree I could never thank you enough. With our first basic seven, the lightest I was able to obtain, was a medium gray at best. Now I feel I have refined my skill enough, that most of the tinctures had a very light gray added to them. When I was having trouble with Watercress getting past the medium gray stage, your talk on listening to what the plant is telling you, was priceless. Before I was sentencing Watercress to hours of "time out" in the kiln, with no luck. After that class, I took some time and focused on the Chakra, and the problems associated with it, and the next opportunity, was able to get to a very good light gray. You have passed onto us valuable skills, knowledge, and wisdom. For that I am grateful beyond words. However, what I cherished most about this class was the camaraderie, the bond we formed as a group working up the ladder of Life. Thank you so much John, your meditations with the use of the tinctures were amazing, well beyond most descriptions anywhere else. Above all else, your teaching on how to awaken the inner senses to hear the voice of Nature invaluable. - Frater J.P. And Soror J. Student Prius 7 Class U.S.A.


Class Type: Instructor lead, real time course.

Dates: Class times are governed by the moon cycles and occur approximately once every two weeks on Sundays (on or just after the full and new moons). Actual dates and times are supplied after registration.

Location: Virtual

Prerequisites: None

Technology: GoToMeeting Client, Internet Connection


  • Subscription of $150 per month for the classes duration
  • There Are No Refunds For Paid Classes.

Introductory Material Delivered Before First Full Full Moon of Spring or Fall Equinox:

  • Introduction Document For Lesson One
  • Introduction Document Moon Phases For Maceration
  • Introduction Document Class Rules
  • Introduction Document Moon and Plants
  • Introduction Document Requirements For Passing The Prius Seven Class
  • Introduction Document Teachers Teaching and Guard Your Children Well

Lesson 1 Full Moon Discussion Topics:

  • The Three Essentials
  • The Four Elements
  • Five Main Parts of The Practice
  • Items Needed For This Class
  • Daily Morning and Evening Meditation and Breathing
  • Explanation of Prius 7 Herbal Process
  • Days Of The Week and Herbs
  • Inner And Outer Processes
  • Timing
  • Preparing The Inner Compost By Daily Review
  • Vigil of Nature
  • Notebook / Laboratory Journal

Lesson 1 New Moon Discussion Topics:

  • Spagyric Process
  • Alchemical Process
  • Introduction to Q-State Healing
  • Lab Progress Check

Lesson 2 Mercury Full Moon Discussion Topics:

  • What Is Alchemy
  • Life According To The Alchemist
  • Omnipresence
  • Consciousness And Original Sin
  • God Has Desire
  • What Are We Truly Working With
  • Our Senses
  • Seeding The Inner Compost
  • Lab Progress Check

Lesson 2 Mercury New Moon Discussion Topics:

  • The Three Parts Of The Hermetic Science
  • Alkahest
  • Philosophical Mercury
  • Q-State Healing Part II a.k.a "The Story"
  • Guardian At The Threshold
  • First Inner Green Shoot Breaks Black Earth
  • Lab Progress Check

Lesson 3 Sulfur Full Moon Discussion Topics:

  • Perception
  • Light Is Memory
  • Pileing On Matter
  • Hints on the Herbal Process
  • Harvesting Our Inner Fruit
  • Lab Progress Check

Lesson 3 Sulfur New Moon Discussion Topics:

  • Desire
  • Emotions
  • Q-State Healing Part III
  • Energy Work Or Letting Go
  • Lab Progress Check

Lesson 4 Salt Full Moon Discussion Topics:

  • Life Enhancer Or Torturer
  • Evil
  • Conscious Intent
  • The One Law
  • Fundamental Precepts
  • Lab Progress Check

Lesson 4 Salt New Moon Discussion Topics:

  • No Need To Escape To The Mountain Top
  • Don't Commit Spiritual Necrophilia
  • Modern Meditation Opportunities
  • Energy Work Reprogramming The System
  • Various Magnets And Assigned Kingdoms
  • Lab Progress Check

Lesson 5 Alchemical Cosmology Full Moon Discussion Topics:

  • The Universal Life And Indivisible Three
  • Generation Of The Four Elements
  • The Waters
  • Seven Hermetic Laws
  • What The Hermetic Science Seeks To Unfold
  • Five Basic Tenants Of Alchemy
  • Basic Hermetic Cosmology
  • Lab Progress Check

Lesson 6 Alchemical Cosmology New Moon Discussion Topics:

  • Capillary Dynamics
  • Verification Of Timing Or Spirit In Matter
  • Lab Progress Check

Lesson 7 Alchemical Cosmology Full Moon Discussion Topics:

  • You are the Macrocosm To Your Matters Microcosm
  • Overcoming Malefic Aspects
  • The Wise Rule The Stars
  • Lab Progress Check

Lesson 8 Alchemical Cosmology New Moon Discussion Topics:

  • Correlations Between Metals, Inner Stars, And Breathing Exercises
  • Lab Progress Check
  • Prius 7 Final Test Questions
  • All Work In By (see schedule)