Hyssop Plant Stones

Plant Stones are among the most highly sought after items in the world of alchemy, no other plant preparation -with the exception of Resurrection Tinctures- have more healing virtue, and their use as catalyst for safe non-toxic, `inner-initiation is unparalleled in the plant kingdom.

Many people suppose that Plant Stones should perform a separation of the so-called Three Essentials of an herb, this is born in our opinion from a misreading of the section on the Vegetable work in "Collectanea Chemica".

As Professor Manfred Junius wrote in his seminal work "practical Handbook of Plant Alchemy" page 191. "Although in alchemical circles it is often said that the fixed Plant Stone can separate, I am skeptical about this assertion, as I do not find it confirmed in the majority of the texts on this subject or in practice. The tiny "small membrane" that appears on top when a fixed Plant Stone is brought into maceration does not represent a real separation, in my view. Anyone who has experienced a genuine separation with the Circulatum will never confuse it with the effect if the Plant Stone on fresh plants in water. For a separation the liquid Plant Stone is used, the Circulatum. The medicinal value of the Plant Stone, however, is always greatly stressed in the relevant works."

Our own personal experience has shown the above statement by the Professor to be absolutely true, as Plant Stones are excellent medicines and we might add catalyst for brining on profound inner-initiation experiences.

Plant Stones are one of those physical curiosities that alchemist confect in their laboratories that cause modern scientist to scratch their heads. All things being equal to the chemist the union of the essential oil, alkaline crystalline salts, and alcohol obtained from the herb are not supposed to be able to brought into a cohesive inseparable union. It, should also not be able to melt at low temperatures as wax does, gently spreading itself out in a ever widening puddle only to become hard again when cooled. Yet Plant stones do this, and so much more.

Everyone has their own methods of working but in the end when done with the separatory and purification parts of the alchemical work one should have at the very least 3 of the alchemical elements front of them. At minimum these would be the crystalline salts of the herb, its volatile essential oil -if the plant has any-, and of course the alcohol obtained from the herb or wine via distillation.


The job of the alchemist is then to combine these three in such a way that a union begins to take place, and the salts which outwardly seem hard and impervious begin to drink up the liquid fractions introduced to them. Drop by drop these liquid fractions are added, until the salts begin to change their nature and appearance. Slowly they become darker in color ranging from pale amber, to a deep rusty red. The salts become sticky and adhere to one another.


The above takes time and patience a minimum we have found of 3 months to bring about this state, and yet it is not done. For Nature left to her devises has a surprise, for the artist a marriage much spoken of but seldom seen, the union of opposites, into a singular new divine child. It is only through art, assisting Nature that her subject can be brought to such an exalted state. In the dark warmth of the incubator the many become one, what was solid, now flows, what was obstructive to light, is now translucent.

The work is now though just truly beginning for the nascent stone must be feed and tempered by the artist. Finally the red powder of projection is added and the final casting of the stone is made. Where before the gentle heat of one's own hand would have been enough to cause the stone to melt like wax, it now resist fluxing for it like the salamander has learned to love the flame. Do not think though that your stone can not flow for it can, as placing it in the oven at 200 F will bring about its fluxing but with no smoke. Too, if left out and exposed to the air, the stone will begin to run in time. We have heard people say that this should not be so, we refer them to "Collectanea Chemica" in which the Adept writes "You have, by carefully following our directions above, procured the tinctures, white or yellow, in the Vegetable Kingdom. The yellow is more efficacious if the work is well performed; either of them, by being exposed in the air, will soon run into a thick, essential oil, smelling very strong of the plantů"

Our experience has shown that indeed the stones will run but we feel calling it an "oil" is a misnomer as the substance proves itself to be a viscous unified substance that does not show substrates.

Our inner experiences with Hyssop have been profound to say the least. I remember my first initiation with this stone. I began using the stone at the new moon, each day taking a small amount of the stone on the positive cycle of the moons ruling period for that day. Of course we surrounded ourselves with items associated with in the case of Hyssop the Moon, as it is a lunar plant. As the time went on we began to have rather intense dreams first seemingly moving through earth, then water, air, and fire as we were introduced to the elements as they were concerned with that level of initiation. The work culminated with one of the most memorable inner experiences I have ever had. I found myself standing upon a tall peak in complete darkness. From below me a silvery light could be discerned slowly pushing back the veil of night, up and up the light climb, at the same time a pulsing could be felt through the rock traveling up my feet and legs into to rest of my body. I waited with arms outstretched as a silvery orb slowly ascended from below, until in front of me in all its pregnant brilliance was the whitest full moon I had ever seen. I could feel waves of energy pulsating off of it, every few seconds resonating through me as if my body had become a tuning fork. I do not know how much time passed but at some point I found myself floating in the air, hovering, as I moved closer to the moon, into the moon, its brilliant light engulfing me until all there was, was it and lessons revealed to me within its interior.