Become one with the Matter. Every Alchemist must do this irrespective of them practicing laboratory or spiritual alchemy. The spiritual alchemist of course use their body, but also the food and drink they consume may be impregnated and in some cases magnetized to act in accordance with their will. Central to this theme are the crystalline mineral salts extracted from a plant that we call Herbal Crystals™. Like the familiar crystals of Quartz, or Amethyst the mineral salts that make up Herbal Crystals™ have been in the earth for thousands and thousands of years absorbing specific frequencies of cosmic and terrestrial radiation. Unlike the crystals people generally associate with spiritual work, these crystals may be ingested as their source is from the herbal and plant matter consumed by human's everyday. The great advantage of Herbal Crystals™ over regular crystals is that their energy is released internally and can be directed through the body consciously by the user, rather than trying to direct the force of the crystals from the outside in, as in traditional crystal spiritual crystal use.

As impressive as the above is, where Herbal Crystals™ really show their exceptional value is in their ability to capture and exponentially amplify specific energy waves formed by intense desire. These desires can be imprinted into the matrix during the crystallization process. Now augment this with the fact that the user may also channel through themselves specific cosmic energies born of astrological configurations based on their natal chart, or terrestrial energies released during specific times of the year and one has created a true living source of power. Thus is born the Pulse Stone™ an entity created to help bring into manifestation the desire implanted into it. Such a product resonates with the implanted desire and since no one wants you to have what you want more than you do, it only makes since that you be the one to create it, and animate Pulse Stone™