How to Attune Herbal Crystals™ Transforming them into Pulse Stones™

I feel one of the things that really separates the alchemical practice from all others is its insistence that the matter and the alchemist are one. That which is happening to the matter is being carried out simultaneously within the Alchemist.

The vial of pure white Herbal Crystals™ that you now hold is a means whereby you may form an intimate contact with the plant stone.

You will need to use a small cup for this work, preferably made from porcelain or glass, plastic is also permissible but absolutely no metal. You also need some distilled water, which you can buy at any pharmacy or large grocery store chain. Please note that it must be distilled water, not spring water, as the latter still has mineral content in it from the source it was collected at. Distilled water is absolutely pure water with no mineral content, thus your Herbal Crystals™ will not be contaminated from an outside source. A 1-gallon jug of distilled water will be more than sufficient for your needs. Finally you will also need a plastic spoon, and knife.

This charging of the liquid should follow the course of the moon. On the morning just after the Full Moon, empty the vial of Herbal Crystals™ into the porcelain cup and pour about a quarter cup of warm distilled water onto them.

Take the cup to your sacred place and center yourself. Slowly as the moon above traverses its waning phase it and your Herbal Crystals™ will begin to dissolve. Each day you should spend some time in your sacred place visualizing your desire. It is best to do this in the morning between the hours of 3:30 am and 6:15 am, each time you meditate over these Herbal Crystals™ you should see yourself fully engaged in the activity of your desire. See it, feel it, taste it, smell it, and hear it. Let your mind roam freely through out your desire so that your body can actually feel as if it is engaged in the operation of your desire and is actually experiencing it. This exercise is no different than when you allow your self to daydream about what it is that you desire and you become completely absorbed by it. The only difference is that now you are consciously directing that energy into the liquid, you will find that as your Herbal Crystals™ dissolve the liquid will become much more receptive to your desire and indeed more plastically hold your thoughts producing a resonance or aura around the cup. If after a week your Herbal Crystals™ are not fully dissolved, warm some additional distilled water and bring it to your sacred place, bless it, and add some it to the cup containing the Herbal Crystals™. Stir it a few times with a plastic spoon, and repeat the stirring each time over the subsequent week until the Herbal Crystals™ are dissolved.

Your thoughts are electrical waves that are emitted from your body like radio waves, that's why an EEG can measure them, the dissolved Herbal Crystals™ in the liquid are ionic and readily interact with the energy contained in your waves of thought. Indeed as your mind fully immerses itself, in its cerebral reality, your body will respond as if actually experiencing the physical action and produce a bio-electric response that gives off its own waves of energy. This flood of energy interacts with the Herbal Crystals™ and leaves a resonance echo in the structure of the liquid, which when the liquid is removed causes the echo to become fixed during the re-crystallization transforming the Herbal Crystals™ into Pulse Stone™

As the moon moves into becoming full your thoughts should now be turning to manifesting your desire, in its nascent form here on the physical plane. For almost 28 days now you have poured your desire into this cup, and vitalized the liquid, to the point that now for you the vision of your desire floats within it resplendent with full depth and feelings. Crystallization is achieved by placing the cup in the oven with its setting on warm depending on the amount of water used to dissolve the Herbal Crystals™, it will take approximately 12 hours for all the liquid to evaporate off and show the crystallized Pulse Stone™. You should time this crystallization to be as close to the Full Moon as possible. What you will behold is a sight that will make your heart soar. Remember be patient for though it seems during the coagula phase that within the diminishing waters no matter is to be found, it will well up suddenly, manifesting itself as if from nothing but spirit.

The manner in which you attune your Pulse Stone™ is entirely up to you. The method described above is the easiest and most direct.

When you have your Pulse Stone™ gently scrape it out with a plastic or wooden utensil, place back into the vial and mail back to us.