Protocol for Personal Instruction in Practical and Spiritual Alchemy v1.0.1


Advancement in any endeavor irrespective of it being called a mundane or spiritual pursuit takes diligence, and assistance. No matter how self reliant any student is eventually there comes a time where help must be sought, by those fellow travelers along the path, who have more experience and knowledge to help smooth out the rough edges and polish our understanding of our chosen pursuit. Tutelage under such person's help to remove many preconceived and erroneous notions about the work which in themselves have prevented the proper advancement that the student has sought.

In times past the Hermetic or Secret Sciences as they are known where taught in temples which closely guarded their secrets and admitted only a select few. As classical civilizations became uprooted through war and the ever-present march of time new methods had to be devised to ensure the continuation and conservation of such knowledge.

From the early Middle Ages, through the Renascence and up into the first half of the 20th century, the means of this transmission and preservation of knowledge was through secret societies known as mystery schools, which established a feeling of Fraternity through their rituals, and oaths of fidelity. In extremely rare instances where the student showed exceptional promise one to one instruction by an adept would be had. In either case emphasis was placed on discretion and silence when seeking to perpetuate the line of knowledge, sometimes because of societal conditions, but always with an eye to maintaining the integrity at the heart of the numen. For the ultimate goal of any instruction is to establish a relationship with the spirit or muse which dispensates wisdom so that understanding may be had. In modern parlance we say that neural pathways need to be established so that the student may develop the mental acumen which allows for an adroit practice and implementation of the chosen art, science, or profession.

As the first 7 year spiritual cycle of the new millennia closes and its second opens, the year 2007, finds an explosive revival in interest in the Hermetic Sciences especially alchemy and qabala. Yet with the birth of the Internet all sorts of knowledge has literally been put at ones fingertips. We find though, that the numen of the muse of these sciences is becoming obfuscated. The practice of alchemy especially has become the quest for the number of formulas one has acquired with the cry of "all of that other stuff is not necessary". And what have we gotten for this except the dilution of the word alchemy itself into everything from training seminars for executives on how to implement best practices, to perfumery, music, sex, cabinet making, child care, to the manufacturing of a precipitate that is called the Philosophers Stone. Even with the plethora of so called traditional alchemy lessons available on the web the student of the Hermetic Sciences is finding themselves more and more hard pressed to get reliable instruction to help them on their journey. As in the Middle Ages many claim they can, few actually do, and even fewer transmit what they have learned.

In my experience this transmission reticence is not due to some miserly attitude, but rather dare I say from the indolent and narcissistic attitude of many students. We currently find the Western Inner Tradition to be in a state of Spiritual Welfare where many students fell not only that they should be given the information with no effort on their part and that they bear no responsibility in helping to support the work.

The Gifts of God

Phrases like these are sacred teaching and should be free, and the gifts of God shall not be sold are often bandied about with little or no thought as to actually what is being implied by use of such phrases.

While we fully support the sharing of information, as our past actions over 15 years of teaching have shown, and our extensive free online library ranging from the "Minor Opus", "Alchemical Gnosis", "Moon and Plant", and free digital download of the treasured "Alchemical Laboratory Bulletins". Plus the countless hours spent on the phone helping people and educating them about the nuances of the Alchemical Art.

Nonetheless our work still takes place on the material plane and as such must be funded by some means. Every lesson that you are given in any given class has behind it 10, 20, 30, or even 100 attempts at perfecting its procedures and methods. By utilizing our voice of experience you save yourself the expense all of those failed attempts would cost you in materials, supplies, equipment, electricity and most importantly time.

Unrealized by many people time is a representation of spirit or life, on this physical plain we each have but so much of it. One may learn to become immortal through the continuation of consciousness after physical death but the body we use has a definite expiration date even those extended by use of alchemical products. We have spent thousands of hours on the phone instructing people, many of whom have done little to nothing with that instruction. Wasted time, wasted spirit, wasted life energy. There is not one Captain of industry, King or Queen, living, dead, or yet to be incarnated, who would not trade their entire fortune or crown at the end of their time for even just one more hour of life were they able to. Time is the most important thing that we have, it represents life, spirit. Yet each of us routinely trade this Gift of God each day to engage in work we hate for wages we gripe about, to perform actions we tell ourselves are mundane and unimportant. The truth is all of our actions are important because they are all brought about by our life, our spiritual energy. Being a Doctor, Artist, Singer or Garbage Man is just as spiritual as being an Alchemist. And yet no one expects to get training in any of these spiritual professions without some expense and work. Why is it, that persons will pay handsomely for training in the martial arts or by a Yoga instructor both of which are recognized and valid paths to spiritual illumination, but will curl their lip in disdain when asked to help support the teachings, research, and life of instructors in the Hermetic Sciences?

The thought that no responsibility lays on the shoulders of the aspirant to help support the works flies indeed in the face of established tradition. From the earliest times, the temples where supported by its followers, aspirants cleaned it, worked in its gardens or fields, or donated resources to ensure the continuation of the work. The Mystery Schools or Secret Societies had dues that were paid by all members to support the efforts. In one on one instruction the aspirant actually lived with and worked for the instructor as their apprentice did household work, and provided some professional services as a means of supporting the work.

The Gifts of God are not the instructions or even the formulas, but rather that which comes about from being fully engaged in the work. It is indeed something, which no person can give to you, at best you can be lead to the threshold, the crossing of which is up to the student. The Gifts of God is as we have stated before is the establishment of a relationship with the spirit or muse which dispensates wisdom so that understanding may be had, it is the intimate discourse with Nature that has been called "Knowledge and Conversation" with ones "Holy Guardian Angel". When this gift is received the student develops the mental acumen which allows for an adroit practice and implementation of their chosen art, science or profession. This faculty can never be bought, but must be earned through diligence, work, and supplication.

Areas of Instruction

Students are given instruction in practical plant, animal, and mineral alchemy, along with spiritual alchemy practices. The Prius 7 course last 3 months and the Prima - Decem classes last a minimum of one year. As can be seen the minimum commitment a student is asked to make is 3 months with the average commitment being 1 year.

Purpose and Intent of Personal Instruction

No one can promise anyone any success when it comes to the Sacred Sciences, as their true apprehension is a gift of the Divine. That said experience has shown that those who are persistent and stay the course will achieve the illumination they desire. Indeed in something as simple as the Prius 7 class all who have completed it, and undertook the work with the proper frame of mind, and supplication have achieved very intense inner initiations and have experienced profound changes in their outer lives. Therefore the purpose of all instruction is to train competent workers in the practice of the traditional Art and Science of Alchemy, so that they may use said training to create alchemical products to help with their own spiritual advancement, alleviate physical suffering from their beings. Once this is done they will then be able to provide such teaching and products to their fellow human beings to help them as they have been helped. The spiritual intent of all the training is to assist and guide the aspirant to the threshold of illumination where upon via their own volition and actions they are able to cross it and receive that gift which may only be given by the divine, and can never be purchased; a divine discourse with the Numen of Nature.

Category and Conditions of Instruction

There is only one category of instruction being offered:

  • Full Time Instruction - One hour every two weeks for the duration of each class. Total minimum contact time: Prius 7: 12 hours, Prima - Decem: 24 hours
  • Additional time can be added by mutual agreement of the Instructor and Student.

The terms of "Conditions of Service" are designed to discourage all but the most serious and dedicated students. Time is our most precious commodity, and to waste it on students or those simply fishing for information is to waste life itself. As such students who wish to undertake personal instruction must read the following carefully, for by sending in an application to be accepted as a student, you agree to the following conditions.

  • The Full Time Program will consist of two (2), one (1) hour live webinar classes each month for the duration of the class (we recommned that students spend at least 30 minutes a day doing their lab work and meditation). Such intense work generates questions and concerns, which must be addressed quickly.
  • No email will be allowed for discussing class matters, except as noted below. This often complicates and confuses the issues being discussed, and as experience has shown, results in Students needing more time than would normally be required if the topic were discussed during the scheduled session.
  • Currently There is only room for a maximum of 25 students in each Prius 7 class, and 25 students in the Prima - Decem classes
  • Students are responsible for any additional costs associated with their studies, such as books, laboratory equipment, paraphernalia, insurance's, Internet and telephone connections, etc.
  • The instruction being provided via live web seminar and where necessary on a one-to-one mutually agreed upon tutorial basis. It is no different than attending special sessions with a professor at a college or university. The Instructor and Student are both free to continue or cancel their relationship at anytime, however, should the Student chose to do so, there will be no refunding of any tuition.
  • As a Full Time student you will progress at your own pace, thereby understanding the injunction "To make haste slowly." No matter what the topic, while a certain degree of intellectual advancement can be made in a given period of time, to internalize the information, make it one's own, and thereby achieve the needed subconscious restructuring, time is required to fully actualize all of the possible subtleties and nuances. Instructors do not force or demand any given pace, only that the student understands the material in order to progress. Extending the amount of time spent on material is encouraged, rather than rushing through and achieving little. No one is going to force or demand you do this or that at any given time. While all classes are structured in order to help build a powerful subconscious understanding of the material, this is simply a convention and can be modified as the Instructor and Student see fit. True learning is from the interior to the exterior and takes time and will proceed long after intellectual and personal instruction has ceased between Students and their Instructors.
  • Student understands that there are no refunds whatsoever on fees paid for classes.
  • Student aggress that all teachings, formulations, procedures, and methodologies taught or provided in lessons remain the intellectual property of Spagyria, Inc.
  • Student aggress that lessons, practice, and products produced are for their personal use, and that of immediate family, friends, and neighbors where no charge or barter is given or accepted for said use.
  • Student agrees that they are fully enjoined from, but not limited to, applying for, or causing another to apply for patents, trademarks etc, or the use of any and all formulations, procedures or methodologies provided by Spagyria, Inc. in any business or commercial venture without the express agreement of Spagyria, Inc.
  • Student agrees that Spagyria has the right to terminate students instruction without refund, if student does not follow class rules, does not follow proper laboratory safety precautions, misses more than two classes with out an acceptable excuse, does not follow detailed class instruction, or does not show reasonable progress in class.

Participant Responsibilities

Those select few that decide to undertake this Program of Instruction will be required to make the following commitments and provide the following written material before we begin the mentoring:

  • Students are required to make a commitment for at least 7 months for the Prius 7 class or 18 months for any of the Prima - Decem classes.
  • The fee for each class may paid in advance, or by entering into a subscription agreement with Spagyria, Inc. This allows for adequate scheduling of expenses by the Student and demonstrates a commitment to the program of study.
  • Students may take a short break in their studies if required by health, professional, or unusual personal reasons, however it must be discussed with their Instructor. If Students drop-out of the program without discussing a leave of absence with their Instructor, readmission may be seriously jeopardized.
  • Prior to each scheduled session students must write out any questions or concerns they have in order to use their time productively. Discussion is not limited to these ideas, but instead they are used to jump-start sessions along a specific theme related to the subject material. Your Instructor will be spending time prior to each session in preparation this relies extensively on the quality of Student communication and feedback. A copy of these notes must be sent to the Instructor by email at least 24 hours in advance to ensure adequate time for preparation.
  • Students will limit discussions, questions, or requests for clarification, or advice concerning books, authors, ideas or their conjectures to the course material they have received.
  • Students are required to be punctual in their sessions and to log into the webinar at least 5 minutes prior of the start of the class. Excessive tardiness is grounds for dismissal from the program.
  • This is not a chemistry class, but rather a class in classical alchemy. Instructors are not certified chemist and are not portraying themselves as such.
  • Students assume all responsibility for safety in their laboratories.
  • While safety precautions are listed in the material sent to students, students assume all responsibility for learning how to handle all chemicals used in their alchemical practice. Reading and understanding the chemicals material data safety sheets, and for following all local, state, federal or country regulations in the proper use and disposal of all chemicals, reagents, materials etc used in the alchemical work.

Fees Schedule

It is unfortunate that we should even have to preface our schedule with the following information, however it is a sign of the decadent times in which we live. As stated, in previous eras the Mystery Temples were state supported, or supported by donations from wealthy patrons, as well as the horrifically poor who gave what they could. During the Medieval and into the Renaissance era, students were in effect the apprentices of those whom they studied under and performed household and professional duties in exchange for instruction. During the Renaissance this shifted as patronage was sought by many and achieved (with dubious results in many instances), until the 17th Century wherein the lodge model became increasingly popular. By the 18th through early 20th Centuries, dues were paid to support the institutions that allowed for Hermetic teachings to be made available.

With the Internet and the increase in personal communications devices, two generations in the industrialized world have grown up thinking that the world revolves around them and that everything should be free for their mass consumption. Esotericism, like civilization itself, has fallen into the domain of mass consumption - it is little more than a commodity for most of its adherents. Much to the disgrace of esotericism, as well as the individuals involved, many will gladly spend a small fortune on a variety of non-essential items that are little more than entertainment, and then ask for personalized instruction at minimum wage prices.

Given that all of our instructors are professionals and well known and respected for their knowledge in their given areas of expertise it is important to keep in mind the following tuition schedule as what we offer is based on an educational model.

As of 2006 large group instruction at a community college costs on average $50 per hour; at a private college $75 per hour; and at an Ivy League institution $100 per hour. Again, this is for LARGE GROUP classroom instruction in which teaching assistants will be answering many of your questions, be your primary source of information, and in which private time with the instructor is limited at best, to all but their immediate graduate students.

As such, by being accepted into the program for Instruction via Spagyria,Inc., you are being treated as a graduate student in esotericism and are expected to act like one.

  • Prius 7 classes - $1,200
  • Prima - Decem classes - $2,200
  • Additional time is available at $25 per half-hour or $50 per hour as needed with arrangement and approval of the Instructor.
  • The prices listed above are standard prices for our classes. During certain periods of time we do offer discounted pricing.

Methods of Payment

All payments must be made through PayPal.

In all cases, once payment is received you will be contacted by email and be given the times of your class. You will also then be given the webinar log-in information that will enable you to participate in the class, along with email and Skype information that will enable you to reach your Instructor directly.

Legal Disclaimer

Spagyria, Inc, its Director of Studies, nor its Instructors can guarantee specific 'Alchemical' or 'Magical' outcomes for its students. Information, advice, direction, and the voice of experience is all that can be given. Occult practices, like any activity, carry a certain amount of risk - be it physical from working with dangerous substances, or psychological from delving into the deeper areas of the psyche. By subscribing to any class you are agreeing to being accepted as a student for instruction, students agree to accept these risks and to hold Spagyria, Inc, its staff, and any associates free from legal damages.