We begin by obtaining good quality rose quartz crystals.


The next step is to put the rose quartz through a special procedure that loosens it and makes it extremely brittle.


After being put through the loosening process the rose quartz Is easily ground down to a fine white powder.


Then after various other proprietary procedures the rose quartz is ready to be made into a spagyricaly prepared glass. From this beautiful clear glass we then use our specially prepared spagyric menstruum to go about the process of forming the oil and tincture of Rose Quartz.

Rose quartz is one of those special crystals that has exceptional healing properties as well as profound properties as an aide to increase ones spiritual aptitude. We first wrote about our experience with this exceptional crystal in the Minor Opus, and the virtues still hold true to this day. All those who try it experience an opening of the heart chakra to profound peace and love, and many of the men who try it also find that it greatly enhances their libido, while also experiencing a profound increase in physical and mental energy *.

* These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA.