The Alchemy Web Site A must stop on the Net for all a great wealth of information concerning alchemy in all of its facets

Verlag J.R. Ruther Publisher of select esoteric titles, including the Minor Opus German edition.

Triad Publishing An excellent resource for educational material concerning alchemy, and the QBL. They also have videos of alchemy seminars, alchemical supplies etc.

Paracelsus College Australian Institute of Parachemistry.

Institute for Hermetic Studies The Institute for Hermetic Studies offers high quality, affordable information for the study and practice of Traditional Western Esotericism in an open and free environment where the application of esoteric principles may flourish.

Inner Garden Inner Garden was founded in 2010 as a private research group under the aegis of an ancient Brotherhood of Alchemists. The groups' focus is on the research and practice of the Art of Alchemy and the pursuit of the Great Work. The group grew and was established as a foundation in 2010. The group primarily revolves around the contributions in knowledge of each member/partner - that which he/she wishes to share for distribution within the group. This results in a symbiosis, in which all partners can profit from a shared effort and learn from eachother. It is a cycle of inspiring eachother and being inspired. The Inner Garden is a Hermetic research group. This means the study results are not freely distributed outside the group. Partners are not required to give an oath of silence, but we do value a code of conduct worthy of the Seal of Hermes. We trust that each partner will find their personal sense of discretion when it comes to transferring traditional alchemical "secrets" with those outside the group.

Alchemyparusha My mundane name is Peter van Suijlekom and I'm from the Netherlands. On this blog I will publish all kinds of matters that are related to Alchemy or the Great Work. I'm a practitioner of the Arts for about 20 years and since 2007 I'm involved into practical Alchemy. I was and am involved in different magical and mystical orders and received my alchemical training from different private teachers. Received teachings and practices from the East and the West. I discovered that Alchemy is really my passion and that I yield very interesting results on many levels. For about a year I published material on Facebook but many people suggested I should start a blog and thus it happened. Everything that I publish here would be my personal experiments and ideas about matters concerned with Alchemy in particular and the Great Work generally. My path is the sum of all those different schools and coming together in the Art of Alchemy. Versatility has its strength and weaknesses. I decide to pick up the positive side of it. All other means I've learned are part of my magical toolbox in order to accomplish what we call 'the Great Work'. One is All, All in One.