A lot of people ask me where did I learn all the things that I know about from, well a lot of it came from life, there of course were also books. Of course no person stands alone and there are three men who have greatly influenced my life. Two of whom I have never meet, but their written works helped set me on the path I am on today. The third I am highly grateful for having meet while he lives, as my close association with him over the last 20 years have brought home in a very visceral way, spiritual teachings, that have opened my soul, and mind in ways I could not have imagined.

My first introduction into Hermeticism was through the writings of Franz Bardon (December 1, 1909 - July 10, 1958) . While I do not practice ceremonial magic anymore his writings helped create the foundation of my experience in the Hermetic Science. Specifically his "Initiation into Hermetics" I feel is a must read for any serious student interested in the Hermetic Science. His other books "The Practice of Magical Evocation" and "The Key to the True Kabbalah" are also important reading and study.

Frater Albertus (Dr. Albert Richard Riedel) (1911 - 1984) was founder of the Paracelsus Research Society in Salt Lake Utah which later evolved into the Paracelsus College. His writings helped form the bedrock of my alchemical education. There also was the help given to me by Russ House and Hans Nintzel in my alchemical education.

Greg P Walsh, has had the greater influence on my life out of all of my teachers, as I have studied with him for over 20 years. Greg is not a Hermetic Scientist, or even into the Western Inner Tradition, but he is a rather interesting fellow. I can remember so many of our early talks where he would be detailing some spiritual concept and many times it was nearly word for word recitation from the esoteric lessons I had been studying in the BOTA or some other society. I have seen him live the truth he teaches in a very fundamental way, and have witnessed his unyielding compassion. A lot of the spiritual work that I teach is a blending of what I have learned through Greg and my studies of the BOTA. I am proud to call myself one of his students.