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The Alchemical Art

A must read for every new student of alchemy who seeks to keep an even keel in the stormy waters of the Art.

Alchemy Part I

Introduction to the series, and list of each section in the series.

Alchemy Part II Alchemical Cosmology

An outline of the practical Alchemist concept of the universe.

Alchemy Part III Spagyrics and Alchemy the 3 and 4 of it

Explanation of the difference between spagyrics and Alchemy

Alchemy Part IV Celestial Connections to Terrestrial Matter

Using metal salt solutions to show an affinity between the 7 planets of the ancients and the 7 metals.

Alchemy Part V Crystals and the Alchemical Soul of the Mineral Kingdom

The alchemical sulfur is the medicine in the center of all crystals and minerals.

Alchemy Part VI Plant Stones

A brief look at Plant stones and their evolution.

Alchemy Part VII Magic and Alchemy

A look at how the alchemical art can be used as an adjunct to working with herbs, crystals, and magic. Gives descriptions of inner experiences obtained by using alchemical products.

Are We Spirits in a Material World?

A look at money and its role and use in the spiritual practice of alchemy