Alchemical Basic Extract: A herbal extract made according to the alchemical process.

Alchemical Elixir of the First Degree: This mixture of dried herbal extract and mineral salts are spiritual dynamos in their own right. They work in tandem with the spagyric extracts in laying the foundational changes needed for the next evolutionary leap of the alchemist. Both the Alchemical Elixir of the First Degree and Spagyric Extracts help cleanse the body of toxins, and strengthens it, for the more advanced work to follow.

Alchemical Essence: This is a very powerful product, it is made by digesting and circulating the three essentials in specific so that they become married, become volatile, and rise together sublimating over the distillation head into the receiver. After a prolonged and conscious use of the Alchemical Elixir of the First Degree and Spagyric Extract's the alchemist's body is ready for higher energies. Whereas the spagyric extracts and elixir of the first degree were more of the equivalent to mundane food, these product are like taking spiritual vitamins into your body. This product will rid the body of any remaining toxins in it. It is also excellent in stirring up the "emotional memory baggage" we store in the organs of our bodies. In order to advance the alchemist must confront and slay these inner dragons.

Alchemical Red Plant Stone: This stones equivalent in the mineral realm transmutes all base metals into gold. In the plant kingdom, it is the pinnacle product produced for the inner work. This stone completes the spiritual regenerative work of man. Its energy is undeniable. Its work of transmuting the body causes a profound cleansing of the body almost equivalent to that of the special medicines of the soul created from the mineral kingdom. This stone is not a toy, and definitely is not meant for satisfying ones curiosity.

Alchemical White Plant Stone: This stones' equivalent in the mineral realm is able to transform base metals into silver. In the Plant world it is second only to the medicinal and spiritual qualities of the red plant stone. Use of the white alchemical plant stone increases the users psychic abilities exponentially.

Spagyric Plant Stones: Next to the alchemical white and red stones this is the most powerful product produced for use in the plant work of the Hermetic Arts. This stone has been known to produce states of "Inner Awareness" even in those persons who do not direct its energy consciously. When used within the Hermetic meditation paradigm it produces inner initiation via dreams that are so vividly real, one can confuse the waking world with that of the astral realm.

Mercury or Spirit: This substance is said by the alchemist to be the universal agent from which all forms arise. It denotes the universal spirit or energy, the animating principle, it is neutral in its polarity, but can also be negative. In the plant kingdom during the spagyric processes it is denoted as the ethyl alcohol produced from the fermenting herbs. In the alchemical work of the plant kingdom, it is a very volatile vapor used to enter into the pores of the salt and foliated earth, expand them, and thus unite the soul with the body. It does not have anything to do with the metal mercury.

Salt or Body: This term designates the minerals obtained from the plant after separation of its Sulfur and Mercury. There are two types of salt in the plant ash, those that are soluble and those that are not. For the most part in the alchemical work we are concerned with the water-soluble salts that we can grow into beautiful crystals by repeatedly dissolving and re-crystallizing them. In the alchemical work of the Minor Opus, both types of salt are used.

Spagyric Process is composed of a three-step process that consists of separation, purification and recombination. The alchemist first gets the three essentials, purifies them and then recombines them into a more actualized being. This is the alchemist starter spiritual food. It allows for the body to adjust and grow to the higher spiritual energies. It also lays the foundation for the adjustments that must take place in the alchemist at the cellular level, in order for spiritual regeneration to take place.

Sulfur or Soul: In the Hermetic Science this substance is designated as the active male principle. It is seen as the fire concealed within the cold still spirit of Mercury. In the spagyric process used in the plant kingdom it is denoted as the volatile essential oils obtained from the plant during a steam distillation. In the alchemical work in the plant kingdom it is a oily red substance produced from a special mixture, and handling of the three essentials.

Three Essentials: A term used to designate the Mercury, Sulfur, and Salt or Spirit, Soul, and Body of the plant world. In Spagyrics these physically correspond to the ethyl alcohol for Mercury and Spirit, the tincture and essential oils for Sulfur and Soul, and finally the water-soluble and non-water-soluble salts of the plant for Salt and Body.