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You are about to begin a journey which is both fantastic and life-changing, for once you begin to walk the path which leads to the climbing of the stairway of the Adepts, nothing will be the same."The Path" indicates a certain prepared and laid-out route that you will travel to reach your goal. Unlike so may other places claiming to teach spiritual alchemy I will tell you from the outset that it will require work on your part, for this is not a quick fix scheme, it is a process, a life's work. Determination and persistence need to be your watch words as you should not stray from your trek, at least not so far as to lose your way. Mind you, there are always times during any journey when a brief respite is taken, which should be used to obtain a better perspective of what has transpired. Because while insights and inspirational flashes do happen in an instant there is always a lag time between become aware of a new perspective and integrating it into ones nervous system, ones life.

Because all of this work is based on spiritual laws we are not so much concerned by the results you get or the goodies you accumulate, the acquiring of results and goodies is a given. The true work is more concerned about the development character. This whole training is about becoming who you really are. it is about liberating your soul. The rest takes care of itself.

I do not do correspondence courses! That is, I do not send out a bunch of written material for you to follow, and hope you have a good outcome. I have learned over the almost 30 years that I have been teaching alchemy, that the teacher student relationship is essential for a true-abiding success to be had in this work. It requires that constant, contemplative, watchful, companionship, that can only had in the intimate one to one relationship between teacher and student. This needs to be continued until, you have recognized and rediscovered the authority within, and are able to maintain the developed state.

What this means is that I give individualized attention in the spiritual alchemy classes. While the practical laboratory classes are held in group sessions the spiritual alchemy classes are done on an individual basis, so I can accept only a limited number of students at any one time. In this work we deal with really personal issues, things that most people would not like to have in the public realm, so trust is very important in our work. Group sessions are good for touching on the subject matter at hand, but in all true esoteric initiation there is a Master / Apprentice relationship. The reasons for this are manifold, but the most salient is that to achieve real success in this uncharted land one needs a guide.

I know a lot of esoteric and alchemical schools are now on the band-wagon of "One needs only the Master Within" to be successful in the work. The truth of matter is this , all students seeking true authentic Hermetic Alchemical initiation enter into the processes with spiritual legs that are like those of a new born deer, wobbly and unsure. If they were already sure with experience and knowledge they would not be seeking initiation. The teacher student relationship is not meant to form dependance on the teacher, but rather as a stewardship, until the young master or mistress has come into the fullness of their own light. Proof that going the lone-wolf route rarely works is evident by the number of persons who engage in such work and still find themselves stymied by their pursuit to make the stone. Such persons find themselves running to every new alchemical laboratory formula espoused with seeming authority on the Internet forums, or they find themselves ping-ponging from this or that spiritual or self-help practice. If though their efforts had truly been fruitful, there would be no need for such vacillation as they would have discovered what they search for internally, and found themselves anchored in the safe-harbor of their individual work, revealed to them from that singular impeachable source.

If you are tiered of:

  • Trying quick fix spiritual programs, whose transformations leave just as quickly as they came

  • Finding yourself unable to fully integrate the spiritual perceptions you have intuited, into your daily life.

  • Are always having to call your "Spiritual" friends to help you push back the darkness, negativity, or problems that keep on popping up

  • If you have worked at channeling, spoken with spirit guides, etc., and still have not been able to achieve the satisfaction of life that you seek

You simply want or seek to:

  • Be of service but have no idea of how, or where to begin

  • To know the truth about yourself, more than anything else, including the shadowy parts, and the parts society and tribe have taught us to deny

  • Spiritual direction, connection, or growth and are willing to embark on a fearless, sometimes frightening, many times joyful, and lifelong experience to self-knowledge

  • Not to transcend the self, but rather to know the self

  • Be your own person, to fully realize the divine within, by unflinchingly looking into the mirror of the soul, because a voice from within assures you that true freedom lies in self-knowledge

Then this is the place for you. Because you will find, touch, live, and abide in the source of all sources, and know it to be real, not because some has told you it to be so, but because you have experienced it for yourself, and know, not believe, but truly and deeply know it to be the eternal you.

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Introduction To Spiritual Alchemy: The Law Of Reflection