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Hello All

It is hard to believe that this little project is done, but it is. My heart is filled with some sadness and joy at the same time. It has become a customary part of my Sundays to scan these documents and now, that shall be no more for that work is done. My heart sings though in anticipation of the joy each of you will have concerning these documents.

In truth this started as a personal venture as my Bulletins were becoming quite dog-eared from use. In a few short years they would of completely fallen apart, and soon after that the different pages would be misplaced, hence the decision to digitize the documents. When telling some friends about what my intentions were, it was made known to me that some of them had lost their Bulletins either, through fire or some other mishap. It was decided then to allow them access to these documents privately online.

All during this process my mind toyed with the idea of getting these gems of wisdom into other persons hands. The recent announcement on forum about a set being sold was like a clarion call to me, especially the statement "why not publish them on the web for all to benefit from them". It is not my intention to say that one can not sell their set, or even that classes or seminars in alchemy have to be free, money is a tool and we all need that tool to get things done in this world. But when possible why not share?

We will never know if Frater wanted this done or not, but it is a feeling within that says he probably would approve. Indeed he probably would have posted the Bulletins on his web server for free -If he where alive today- for he never made money from these Bulletins. The low subscription cost of $2.00, then $3.00 and finally $6.00 per annum would not even cover the printing cost let alone postage, even back in 1972.

Because it is not known exactly how large an attachment can be uploaded to the forum, 14 separate messages will be posted. The first one will be the main directory named "BulletinDocuments" it contains an index page and image files. The other 13 messages each have one attachment housing a directory named for a year ranging from the years 1960 - 1972 inclusive. You should make all of these yearly directories a subdirectory of the main directory. You will need to use win zip to extract the files.

Note: You can download one large 2.16 MB file by clicking here.

As many of you will know scanning a document and using OCR software is not perfect. While all the Bulletins where read through and corrections made to miss-scans no guarantee can be given that these documents are error free. Also all of the grammatical mistakes etc. have been left in the Bulletins, the hope was to produce material as closely to the original as possible.

It is hoped you find this material useful. Please share it with people so that the information does not get lost in the dust of time. My name is not important as this is done in the light of Love and Sharing. Besides this material is Frater's, my only contribution -if you can call it that- was to spend a few hours on lazy Sundays scanning the material, a non-praise worthy event. One note though each of us can find something to do similar to the penny ritual described in 4th Quarter, 1960 No. 5 Bulletin under the title "144 names and one penny". Rather than seek vengeance for acts perpetrated against our nation or ourselves let us rather foster a spirit of love, and seek the transmutive powers of our art on ourselves, our nation and the products we make in the laboratory.

"This I shall do every Sunday to remind that the law of duality is at work within me, for I will it to be. Each token placed online is for one of my alchemistical Brothers or Sisters on the path, who needs help. Likewise shall thoughts of Life, Light, and Love contribute to the achievement of their cherished goal; to become true alchemist. May the cosmic grant the fulfillment of this prayer along with its accompanying deed.

December 31, 2000 4:37:27 P.M."