Alchemy Part V
Crystals and the Alchemical Soul of the Mineral Kingdom

For the alchemist all of Nature, seen and unseen, organic and inorganic is divine, and indeed is a part of the Divine Mind. Alchemical Cosmology holds that there is but One universal spirit that is differentiated through adaptation to produce the variety of forms that we see, One Mind, One Substance, in all things.

An exercise many new Hermetic Science students is given to bring this point home is flame work. The student distills spirits from wine that they made themselves, or instead of distilling the spirits they use a very strong rum like Bacardi 151, and pour it into different shaped containers. The student is to mediate on this noticing how the one substance takes on the shape of the container it is poured into, its potential manifestation shaped by the container it is poured into. Much as the containers of time which encase each cycle, and age contains within it, un-manifested potential waiting to take shape. To see the varying manifestations hidden within, the student then pours the liquid into either a porcelain bowl or a small glass corning ware dish and sets it alight, and turns out the light. Now before the student dance multiple tongues of flame, each separate one from the other, yet issuing from the same common substance. Is this not like our own consciousness of ourselves, and the world around us? Each tongue of flame sees itself as a separate entity, coming into existence for a time, only to fade and be replaced by another tongue of flame. Each though in their supposed uniqueness blind to their common origin.

In alchemy the One Spirit, your spirit, my spirit, is said to have created the entire universe, its involution moving first through the mineral kingdom, then the plant kingdom, and finally in the animal kingdom. Hence the spirit and soul contained in the mineral kingdom is the oldest and some would say the most potent in our world.

In nature there exist two states of matter; one being the crystalline network representing order, the other being the amorphous, representing chaos. Both of these states of matter are imbued with energy, but the crystalline network is very special because it is here that we find the first manifestations of the conscious direction of energy. The reason for this is the repeated matrix formed by the minerals as they crystallize, this repeated form is considered to be an awareness of self of the minerals on a very basic level. Indeed a thing, which has no awareness of self, can not produce a repeated pattern.

In alchemy we are for the most part interested in the crystalline structure of minerals, specifically, those salts bound up in organic matter. Indeed without mineral salts life as we know it could not exist. You might raise your eyebrow in doubt about this last statement, but think for a moment. There is not one metabolic function that occurs in your body that does not involve at least one mineral salt. Without the mineral carbon we would not have organic life and the mineral sulfur is present in every single cell of the human body. In fact, of the nine chemical elements, (calcium, carbon, hydrogen, iron, magnesium, oxygen, phosphorous, potassium and sulfur) that compose 99% of the dry chemical weight of plants, humans and animals, 7 are minerals.

The human body cannot produce the minerals so vital to its very own continuance. They must be brought into it from an outside source. In fact the human body cannot even store the minerals once they are introduced into it. On the surface of it all it would seem that the minerals play a function as transponders and transducers of electrical energy to aid in the function of the metabolic process. They continue this functional aid as they are carried through the body via the circulatory system, until they reach the end of their journey and are excreted in the urine and the feces. This is how it appears on the surface, but what if the body was actually extracting something from the minerals?

As I said earlier in this paper the mineral kingdom is seen to have the oldest and some would say the most powerful soul and spirit of the three kingdoms of Nature, because of its length of time spent absorbing the energetic waves of energy that flood our planet continually. Indeed it is from the most perfectly formed crystalline structures that the alchemist seeks to extract the true alchemical Essential of Sulphur or Soul from the mineral subject. This alchemical Sulfur shows itself as a red oily substance, which the alchemist indeed either extracts from the mineral in question, or if the true Philosophers Mercury is in their possession a separation of the Essentials from the subject matter is brought about. I'll cover the topic of separation vs., extraction in another set of documents. This soul or essence of the mineral is said to contain all of the curative and spiritual properties associated with the mineral or crystal. When prepared properly this substance does not contain any trace of the original mineral by quantitative analysis. This is not because it has been put through a homeopathic dilution, but rather its essence has been spiritualized and ascended off of its course body, leaving behind the mineral salts which in most cases also contain toxic substances. In this way alchemist where able to make extraordinary medicines for healing the body and accelerating spiritual work from silver, mercury, copper, gold, iron, tin, lead, antimony, and quartz crystals, free of all toxic and harmful effects.

Though many people claim to be able to produced oil of metals, most do not know how to make it at all, or only know the first part of extracting the oil. The second and most secret part is causing it to be come spiritualized and fly over the head of the alembic, in what Basil Valentine called a "dexterous distillation" most are completely ignorant of. I say this only as a word of warning to those who come across persons claiming to have for sale alchemical oils of metals.

Fortunately we can still benefit from the intense energy contained in minerals, from a completely safe source, which indeed every healthy meal should contain, and that is fruits, vegetable, and herbs from the plant kingdom. Now you may not normally associate products from the vegetable kingdom with minerals but believe one can get some rather beautifully grown minerals from vegetables, as we will see tomorrow. The picture at the top of this paper are the purified, crystalline mineral salts from rosemary, and the picture of the test tube below shows the extracted alchemical sulphur of those crystalline mineral salts.

Text and images copyright John H. Reid III