Alchemy Part IV
Celestial Connections to Terrestrial Matter

"Experiments with 1-% solutions of silver nitrate, iron sulfate, and lead nitrate mixed equally. "The forms built with the help of Lead nitrate added to Silver nitrate and Iron sulfate add weight and something that gives an impression of age. But it is not a weight, which we can measure on scales; it is the impression of weight on the different level from the one that is accessible to our ordinary means of weighing objects. L. Kolisko"

For ages Astrologers, Herbalist, and Occultist have claimed that there is a connection between celestial bodies and terrestrial matter, capillary dynamic studies are a unique and elegant way to show these connections.

Capillary Dynamic studies were used by Lillian Kolisko to show the affinity between the planets and the metals. Agnes Fyfe used the process to demonstrate the connection between the planets and plants. The methodology used in either case is similar but with some important differences worth mentioning.

First a little background to bring you up to speed with the concept and what's going on. Hermetic Science teaches that the earth and the cosmos are alive, and that the substance of what we call solid matter is actually fluidic in nature when viewed with spiritual eyes. It's being fluidic means that it has the same properties of other fluidic systems such as air and water. Thus it is an excellent carrier of waves of energy introduced into it by individual entities outside it. With this in mind the Hermetic Scientist says that the entire earth breathes in these forces continually, that they permeate the earth, move through the earth, just as the voice of a whale carries through the ocean, or wind blowing in the atmosphere.

These cosmic rays, or waves of energy are so subtle that they pass for the most part right through solid matter, that small portion that is needed for the sustenance of the electromagnetic matrix is absorbed by the atomic structure of the matter in question. Unless one has spiritually developed eyes they are unable to see this process of cosmic forces influencing and reacting with solid matter. But when matter is in a liquid or gaseous form like sap from a plant, a metal in flux, or metal salts in solution, the reaction between matter and the cosmic forces are more easily discernible. The imprint they leave on matter at a specific moment can be captured and made to show itself not unlike the process of developing a photograph.

The question now becomes how does one capture and show this formative force. Carrying out capillary dynamic studies is extremely easy. Lilian Kolisko gives the following outline of the procedure: "All we need is filter paper, glass dishes (preferably round) about 4 ins in diameter, and the substances we wish to study. These are dissolved in rainwater or distilled water -distilled rainwater is best especially with all the pollutants in our present day atmosphere JHR3- in various concentrations. The filter paper is folded cylindrically and is held in position by a metal clip, then it is inserted into the solution. A glass dish about 4 inches in diameter requires about 10 cc of the metal salt solution. Lilian Kolisko " Spirit in Matter A scientist's Answer to the Bishop's Queries pg. vi"

NB: After the insertion of the cylindrically folded filter paper described above, the solution is allowed to rise and dry, the resultant forms produced being a picture of the formative forces active in the metal salt solution at the moment the solution was first set to rise. My best sense of what is happening is that as soon as the paper enters the solution it immediately fixes the formative forces present at that moment, because the mineral salts begin to crystallize. All subsequent form developed on the filter paper are built up from that original form - JHR3.

The simplicity of the experiment belies the profundity of what is shown in the filter paper. The forms produced are not arbitrary. In over 20 years of research Lilian Kolisko concluded that the formative forces active on the metal salt solutions of the 7 chief metals produce a sameness and uniformity that one can follow day after day. When though, some astronomical event such as a conjunction or eclipse occur a change in the uniformity of the forms produced day after day begins to disappear a few days before the event. As the astronomical event continues pronounced changes -which eschew the previous uniformity-are clearly discernible in the forms produced, which the untrained eye can perceive. Fortunately there survives today a rather extensive photographic library of Kolisko and Fyfe's work that is viewable online. To read more about capillary dynamics and see the astounding images of this science please visit these sites.