Alchemy Part I

She has been claimed to be the Mother of all sciences, through her all arts find their truest expression. There was a time when no self-respecting Mage, Herbalist, Astrologer, Doctor or Philosopher was intimately conversant with her tenets and modalities, I am referring to of course the Royal Art of Alchemy.

The above statement is rather bold to say the least, yet erstwhile adepts where rather steadfast in their claim and I hope this series of papers will help to shed some light on why they felt this was so. With alchemy your astrologer can write spiritual prescriptions, for your inner-work. Alchemical Techniques allow the herbalist to make a living 1:1 extract etc that contains all characteristics of the plant. As an example buy 1 ounce of fresh rosemary and bruise it in your kitchen, within a short span of time the room will be filled with the scent of rosemary. Now pour one ounce of a 1:1 rosemary extract into a bowl, and sniff as hard as you like you will be hard pressed to smell anything, not so with a properly prepared alchemical herbal product. For the alchemist wearing crystals is just the beginning, it is only in the ancient art of alchemy that the secrets of Nature are revealed allowing for the extraction from crystals and 7 metals of the ancients, the true healing essence, known as the alchemical sulfur. When these products are made properly there will be no chemical trace of the original mineral, this is not because the alchemical sulfur has been put through a homeopathic dilution. Rather the alchemist has liberated the essence, which shows itself as an oily substance. This essence lay hidden within the center of the crystal or metal, when the art is done properly the alchemist is able to free the essence it of it’s metallic or mineral body, and also of all toxins. Such highly sought after mineral and even herbal preparations have been used by those of the elite schools of the western inner tradition, and by families whose esoteric lineage goes back for centuries, for reasons of health, and as catalyst to accelerate their spiritual evolution.

Over the next few days this short series will introduce you to various core concepts of alchemy, suggest how the art of alchemy can be used singularly within the three disciplines –astrology, crystals, and herbalism- and indeed how these three disparate pursuits find a synthesis within the Our Art, which perhaps you may have not realized existed before.

2: Alchemical Cosmology
3: Spagyrics and Alchemy the 3 and 4 of it
4: Celestial connections to terrestrial matter
5: Crystals and the Alchemical Soul of the Mineral Kingdom
6: Plant Stones?
7: Magic and Alchemy

Image: Frontispiece engraving from Der curieusen Kunst- und Werck-Schul, Nurnberg, 1696 Handcolored watercolor by Adam Mclean Copyright Adam Mclean used by permission.Text copyright 2007 John H. Reid III

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